Meet Sue. She's an entrepreneur who wants to remind her coaching clients of their highest values after working with her, and engraves 3 of them onto the 3 ring necklace to send to her as a meaningful surprise gift. This impresses her client so much, she feels truly valued, special and is even reminded of Sue each time she sees it as well as the empowerment words engraved. WIN/WIN

Meet Marjorie. Marjorie seeks pampering and empowerment because she's ambitious and wants to be successful but not at the price of burn out, because she knows her PinkPrint® Profile having done our potentiality profile quiz and got her extensive report and knows she can easily be inclined to over do it. 

She recognises the stress today, so she knows today she needs to take care of herself, so she purchases the Luminatrix® Un-Age Cream, a yoga mat and a T Shirt, then gets the BREATHE bracelet to remind her to 'breathe through it' as needed. She intends to honour herself and dedicate nourishment time to her soul and spirit each week.

Meet Toni. She's a mum of 3 small kids, and a very busy woman. She decided to stay home today and rest, and so she visited Her-Potentiality 'Womens Empowerment' Shop wanting a quality aloe vera gel for the kids sunburn, and while she's there buys a Luminatrix® face mask, lip balm, and a hoodie for her daughters birthday which is next month, who's self esteem is very low that has I AM ENOUGH printed on it, to help raise her confidence.


All of them decided to follow us on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK after becoming an affiliate, so they can get 11% cash when they 'share' the shop link to friends, because they already were going to share the womens empowerment shop, but decided why not monetise, if it's on offer anyway. 


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