Our Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl, who grew up thinking she was worth as much as the chewing gum under shoes. She realised it was somewhat 'normal' for girls to think they were worthless, UNTIL..... she made a decision to break the cycle, and became empowered. Now, she passes that on through all the ways she can.

She is me, and I am Marylin Schirmer, little miss foghorn from Flying Fish Point. Today, I am the founding director of Un-Institute of Women™, un-institutionalising women, un-conditioning, un-blocking and un-suppressing women, un-apologetically and un-encumbered. 

This is a place of pamper, empowerment, healing, hope, help and paying it forward. Have fun here, and remember to dream and if you find it hard, maybe the wearable empowerment might remind you you're fricken amazing and as worthy as any queen!