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Women's Self Empowerment JOURNAL & Workbook -Go on an Adventure to a Happier You.

Women's Self Empowerment JOURNAL & Workbook -Go on an Adventure to a Happier You.

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Who will you gift this everyday WOMAN'S 'Hardcover' JOURNAL and LIFE WORKBOOK to, to give the gift of self empowerment? 7x10", 125 pages. Executive diary size. (Almost A4)

Take an explorative, self-developing, exciting expedition you can't get from regular journals.

This Journal & Workbook CONTAINS:
*10+ deep self-delving WORKBOOK exercises to discover your true value system that motivates you so you understand where to direct your energy for a quality life.

*Your potential ripple impact.
*Daily/ weekly/whenever 'checkin pages' to ensure gratitude, feeling a deep sense of consistent purpose, motivation & reflections.
*Several emotional first aid techniques for life's sudden big curve balls.
*How to unpack your true feelings and thoughts, and reframe them to a positive focus.
*Activities to discover your ripple impact.
*Mandala doodle colouring in pages

Go on a self discovery and self improvement adventure, suitable and fun FOR ALL AGES from 14 to 100.

This unique journal is designed to help everyday women LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES, assisting them to become who they desire to be, to achieve whatever they dream and be HAPPIER!

A place to record the most special events in life, to look back and reflect over your life to see how far you've come. 

COST PRICE LAUNCH PROMO (The price you see is the price we pay the printer with $0 profit). This will be the journal she pack in the emergency bag in a fire, and will want to revisit throughout her lifetime, and any down times, should she need emotional support or to take back control of your life.

There could not be a better, more treasured gift to give a woman you care about.

125 pages jam-packed with interesting, special activities and valuable memories for precious record keeping.
(You will get an email to say the journal is posted but it's  not sent, as this is a PRE-ORDERING product, posting the week after we receive your order. 

Multiple book orders will reduce postage, with FREE POSTAGE for a minimum of 10 (great to use as client onboarding gifts, and staff presents) to 30 copies. 

PS. If purchasing a copy for yourself, please help us empower more women with the life tools within the journal, please tag us on one of our pages on Instagram or @UninstituteofWomen and then SHARE the post. JOIN AS AN AFFILATE AND SELL THESE FOR YOURSELF. Register at https//

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