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Shop for anything with affirmations such as mugs, journal, t-shirts, necklaces, rings, and more to support and celebrate women's empowerment.

MORE About why we believe education, emotional intelligence and financial empowerment is so important, and HOW we're doing something about it:

We're 'spreading' empowerment to women and girls far and wide. To a woman who lacks self belief, looking down at her engraved bangle can remind her she's worthy.

Be sure to take the PinkPrint® Profile Test, as a unique way to more deeply understand yourself, and discover (or activate) your own financial empowerment potential. Learn how to become financially self sufficient, in a way that's natural to you for true empowerment. When we have this capability, we feel safer.

We offer an affiliate program here to make money doing good on the planet.

We offer facilitator programs to women wanting financial success through an accreditation program, called the Transformologist® Program.

They facilitate one to one online breakthrough healings to women around the world via zoom and love setting women's hearts free, creating their own legacy.

They help women who want to heal and be empowered fast, and deeply.
These facilitators are Transformologists, and the ones most serious about making a difference through breaking cycles for girls, women and a better world for all.

We believe the secret to a more loving, less divided world, is through healing and empowering women. The positive ripple impact of empowering women to be role models of transformation, is visible in their children, their varied relationships and society at large!

When we heal our own hearts, we reset our own nervous system, and become empowered, healing the 'LESS THAN' epidemic in girls and women back to whole and complete.

Our wish is for you to come home to the real you, the one with limitless potential, and love the little girl who lives inside you, who although grew up, is still inside, and you can love her unconditionally when you know how.

Wear your empowerment and remind YOURSELF everyday, you are as worthy as anyone is to walk this planet, for it is yours as much as anyones.

We deserve to be happy, able to cope and thrive, not just survive. 

We are the mothers, the grandmothers and the role models of the future generations, and without us, there is no world ;). That's some power, so step into the peace of knowing your own power and birthright. 

How and who can you empower a girl or woman today?